Who We Are

We are Saving Hearts Together (Salvando Corazones), a 501(c)(3) organization registered in the USA and operating in Costa Rica. 

We believe every child deserves dignity and the right to be free. With therapeutic support and education, children who have been sold and sexually abused will thrive.

Our Mission

Saving Hearts Together is restoring the lives of children in Costa Rica who have been removed from the sex trade by providing a live-in program that meets their physical, emotional, psychological, and educational needs.

The Problem

Costa Rica's current government placements rarely have the facilities to provide for the holistic needs of a sexually abused child. Most of the time these facilities are simply a place to stay.


72% of child survivors run away from safe houses

By the time they are 18, survivors have already gone through various jurisdictions, government agencies and facilities. This fragmentation affects their ability to thrive and often leads to their return to sex work.


Inadequate, inefficient & fragmented approaches to victim protection programs

Costa Rica is a global hub for child sex tourism. Extreme poverty is one of the driving forces. 80% of the sex tourists are from the USA and Europe.


One of the leading countries in Child Sex Tourism

 According to the latest US government report, while there is some improvement in Prevention and Prosecution, Protection of victims is highly neglected. This is the major reason why the country is not showing improvement in its rating for the past 7 years.


Costa Rica is rated Tier-II in the Trafficking in Persons Report


The Solution

Our holistic residential program has state of the art inhouse facilities for education, life skills, therapy, vocational training and recreation.

This gives these survivours much-needed love, support and healing to thrive. 


Comprehensive residential program

Turning 18 does not mean a person is ready to face the adult world without support. Our mentors provide guidance, emotional support and temporary financial assistance as needed


 Aftercare rehabilitation 

We provide enriching opportunities for children to discover their interests and talents and develop vocational skills that lead to meaningful work.


Interest-based vocational and life skills education for survivors 

We work with child protection agency staff to increase their knowledge of evidence- based practices that uphold the dignity and wellbeing of children rescued from sexual exploitation thereby reducing the risk of retraumatization.


Advocate, train and support government agencies for running an effective protective 



Our Programs

Holistic, Residential Care

Our 24-36 month comprehensive residential program for survivors between the ages of 8 and 18, empowers them to heal and acquire skills to thrive.

Ongoing Support

Our Program Alumni are supported for 24-36 months to ensure a safe and gradual transition into the community.

Outreach and Advocacy

We work with government agencies in Costa Rica to advocate for survivors and train first responders on current best practices against human trafficking.



We rely on the generosity of our supporters to enable us to help restore dignity, safety and hope for the young girls who come to Salvando Corazones. TOGETHER we can save lives and save hearts. We can’t give them back the innocence that was stolen from them,

but we can give them a future.

Please donate now.

Give the gift of hope and help to these innocent survivors by committing to a monthly donation or a one-time gift. Each donation DOES make a difference in a girl's life.

Check donations can be sent to the following address:

Saving Hearts Together, 5248 Pikes Peak Ct, Marietta, GA  30062-6550


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